Being convicted of a crime is devastating enough without having to deal with the long lasting effects of it. This includes the crime being revealed on things such as background checks when you apply for jobs.

This may be embarrassing and prevent you from bettering your career. It can also subject you to unnecessary social stigma.

Thankfully, in California, there are steps to take that may allow for previous criminal convictions to not affect your ability to get a job or do other things – as long as you have fulfilled certain conditions as required by California law.

California’s Expungement Requirements

Getting your previous criminal convictions sealed or destroyed is called an ‘expungement’, and it is a remedy available to those who have fulfilled the requirements as laid out in California’s Penal Code. It is important to note that only state crimes are eligible to be expunged.

In order to get an expungement of a previous crime committed here, you must:

  • Complete probation
  • Pay all fines
  • Not be currently charged with a crime
  • Not be on probation for another crime
  • Not be serving a sentence for another crime

As long as you meet the aforementioned, you are eligible to have your criminal record expunged.

How Does an Expungement Work?

First, it is important to consult a criminal defense attorney with experience in expungements, like David Kestenbaum. Mr. Kestenbaum has years of experience assisting his clients in expunging their criminal records. As a result, his clients have been able to apply for jobs and not have to reveal that they have been charged with a crime – which is a huge advantage.

Of course, there are limits to expungements and certain crimes are exempt from this. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense lawyer will help you to understand whether your past criminal history will be eligible for expungement. If it is not, your criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you with other options to regain peace of mind and fight the social stigma from which you may be suffering.

Mr. Kestenbaum prides himself on helping all of his clients, and any client who walks into his Los Angeles area office gets individualized attention. For a free initial consultation, he welcomes your call at (818) 616-4312.