Domestic violence is a growing problem in our society, and is being recognized nationally. Sports organizations like Major League Baseball are taking it so seriously that players who are facing domestic violence charges are being told they are not welcome to join in training this season.

Charges of domestic violence can lead to serious consequences for all parties involved, so it’s important that cases are conducted with professionalism, expertise, and without prejudice.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Differs from “Everyone Else”

When people hear about someone being hurt or abused, many will sympathize with the individual making the claim, and come to their defense. An expert criminal defense attorney like David S. Kestenbaum forgoes any emotional responses to a situation and instead focuses on the hard facts.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, some items which your criminal defense attorney will look at:

  • Whether there were witnesses present
  • If the information provided by everyone involved supports the abuse
  • How fresh the wounds of the victim are
  • The emotional state of the victim and the accused
  • The history of both parties
  • The mental state of the victim and the accused (for example, if either party was intoxicated or under the influence of other substances at the time of the incident)

Your criminal defense attorney will also examine whether or not the victim’s injuries are consistent with the defendant’s version of events and if there are any inconsistencies between the version of events provided by both parties. For example, the victim may claim that the accused slammed their head into a dresser, but if no blood or tissue is present on the dresser or in that same room, the question must be asked: why not?

You Have a Right to Defend Yourself

Being accused of a crime is never comfortable and is an incredibly stressful and emotional event. By retaining a criminal defense attorney like David S. Kestenbaum, you are protecting yourself from any unwise decisions you may make in a hurry or without thinking. Instead, you are making sure that your rights are being upheld and any decisions you make are in your best interest.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you are not alone. Call us at the David S. Kestenbaum at (818) 616-4312 to speak to a criminal defense attorney about your situation today.