The Los Angeles Police Department recently arrested two men for allegedly killing a still-unidentified man in the 1600 block of North Cahuenga Boulevard. The arrest came after a Los Angeles police officer who was off-duty claimed that he saw a person smashing a car’s window at around 11:55 p.m. on Sunday, January 4. He then saw the suspect demand money from the victim and then shooting him several times.

Paramedics of the Los Angeles Fire Department rushed the victim to the nearest local hospital where the victim later died from the gunshot injuries.

Pursuit and Arrest

The off-duty police officer said that he and some concerned citizens followed the two suspects to Wilcox Avenue. Hollywood police officers then arrested the two suspects, in North Cahuenga Boulevard, for the murder.

Proving Murder

Murder may be first or second degree murder depending on the circumstances of the situation. For a killing to be considered as first degree murder, prosecution must prove that:

  • The killing was deliberate and pre-meditated
  • The killing occurred while a felony such as rape, arson, hi-jacking, or kidnapping is being committed
  • The killing involved bombs, explosives, or other weapons of destruction

On the other hand, it is second degree murder when:

  • The killing was not premeditated
  • The killing was the outcome of the dangerous behavior of the accused
  • The killing was committed in the ‘heat of passion’

Importance of Criminal Defense Attorney for Murder

If you or someone in your family has been arrested on charges of murder, you have the right to be presumed innocent and it is the duty of the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. There may also be circumstances that mitigate the crime to either Voluntary or Involuntary Manslaughter.

Should you be found guilty, the penalty for first degree murder may be life imprisonment or death, depending on the aggravating circumstances that prosecution may prove.

Raising appropriate criminal defenses and refuting all the accusations during trial are vital to your case. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assess your situation, weigh the evidence against you, and determine the best strategy for your case.

In successful criminal defense, anticipating the prosecution’s strategy is also an advantage which is why in Van Nuys and metropolitan Los Angeles, the law office of David S. Kestenbaum has, for more than 30 years, been able to help clients accused of murder.

David S. Kestenbaum’s experience comes from many years of working initially as a prosecutor and then as a criminal defense lawyer, enabling him to view a case from both sides.

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