The New York Mets closing pitcher has been indicted on charges of domestic assault against an unknown victim. The documents claim that the victim suffered a chest scratch and facial bruise at the hands of Mr. Jeurys Familia. These allegations surfaced just weeks after Mr. Familia was featured in a video supporting the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Mr. Familia’s case illustrates the complexities of domestic abuse cases. While he is being accused of domestic abuse, the victim’s injuries appear to be fairly trivial and potentially attributable to an accident. Additionally, Mr. Familia condemned domestic abuse just a few weeks prior to the alleged assault, suggesting that he was not likely to commit it. All of this shows that Mr. Familia has a strong case in his favor and his attorneys are likely working hard to defend him.

Building a Defense

Anyone charged with domestic violence should immediately contact an attorney to begin to build a defense. Adequately preparing a defense in advance of the trial is essential for making the strongest case before a judge or jury. While the prosecution has the burden of proving the domestic abuse allegations beyond a reasonable doubt, a judge or jury ultimately decides the verdict. This means that it is important to prepare a defense that is both compelling and supported by evidence.

How to Prepare

For someone charged with domestic violence, is important to take note of any potential witnesses so that the attorney can contact them for an interview. Witnesses can help to support a defense and convince a judge or jury that the defendant telling the truth.

Someone charged with domestic violence should also begin to consider how the situation was misinterpreted so that they can relay that information to their attorney. This will be helpful to build a compelling theory of the case that will combat the prosecution’s theory at trial.

In addition to these two actions, someone charged with domestic violence should also ensure that they are attending to their own personal needs. It can be very hurtful and disorienting to be accused of domestic violence, so it is imperative that those charged take care of themselves.

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