Modern technology has impacted how people can be charged with gun crimes, as shown by a recent case here in California (see below). Rapidly changing technology has highlighted why those charged with associated gun crimes should seek the advice of a defense attorney who is up to date with how the law can be interpreted in such cases.

California law enforcers recently arrested two women in Chino Hills after a search warrant yielded forged and stolen credit cards, and various equipment and materials used in stealing personal information and credit card data of individuals.

While the search warrant was issued in connection with the investigation of alleged identity theft stemming from a complaint involving a stolen credit card in a home of a Chino Hills resident, the search also found a three-dimensional (3D) printer which was allegedly in the process of manufacturing a component of an AR-15 assault rifle, and a manufactured 3D lower receiver which is often used in the assembly of a 3D plastic gun.

The two women were charged with several crimes, including the gun crime of manufacturing a firearm using a 3D printer.

Growing Problem of Regulating 3D Guns

Advanced technology has made it possible for almost anyone to manufacture firearms with the use of a 3D printer. The technology behind 3D printing involves a CAD (computer assisted design) file containing the digital blueprint of an object, such as a firearm, and sending that file to a 3D printer that can build the gun by depositing material in powder, liquid or filament form, layer by layer.

The increasing availability of 3D printers and ready access to CAD files containing gun designs has made it easier and cheaper to make firearms. While homemade firearms are not illegal per se, manufacturing a firearm purely out of plastic may violate the Undetectable Firearms Law which prohibits the creation of firearms that cannot be detected by a metal detector.

Manufacturing a 3D gun out of metal is too expensive which is why plastic 3D guns have become attractive. Not all 3D plastic guns can actually fire bullets because most thermoplastic materials used in their creation are unable to cope with the extreme pressure that accompanies the launch of a bullet out of the gun.

If you are charged with a gun crime such as the manufacture of a 3D gun, you may be entitled to a number of criminal defenses, depending on the circumstances.

Representing California Defendants of Gun Crime Charges

Gun crimes are punishable by heavy penalties of imprisonment and large fines. Engaging the services of a criminal defense attorney is absolutely essential.

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