Beverly Hills is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area, if not in all of California. Together with West Hollywood, the community enjoys a fine Mediterranean climate and a substantial population of celebrities, artists, and athletes who call it home. Beverly Hills is within the vicinity of the Los Angeles Country Club and the Sunset Strip, and generally enjoys a low crime rate.

Protecting the Rights of Beverly Hills Residents

The people of Beverly Hills expect a higher quality of life than most Los Angeles residents, but crime is still common enough, as well as accusations of crime. Like the rest of Los Angeles, they’re entitled to a good legal defense like the kind that David S. Kestenbaum provides.


Most shoplifting cases are treated as an issue of petty theft (as defined by California Penal Code Section 490) and shoplifting represents up to 31% of all business losses across the nation. This charge is particularly common to the boutiques and shops within and surrounding the Beverly Hills area, especially with so many high-price items available. However, an experienced attorney like Mr. Kestenbaum will take an aggressive approach to examining shoplifting accusations and providing creative solutions in the courtroom.


California law divides up theft into two categories, petty and grand, which depends on whether the item that was stolen was worth less or more than $950. The penalty for theft can range from a small fine to a prison sentence of anywhere from 6 to 16 months. Because even a petty theft charge—let alone a conviction—can be damaging to have on one’s record, it’s important to get the aid of a qualified attorney who can give you experienced counsel during the course of a trial.

Domestic Violence

In California, around 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are likely to become victims of domestic violence. Any household argument can be turned into a legal case once a domestic disturbance claim has been sent to the police. To get fair representation in court, Mr. Kestenbaum offers the accused his dedication in changing his client’s position in the courtroom to a more sympathetic appeal.

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