Located near Burbank and West Hollywood is the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale. The city lies at the juncture of two large picturesque valleys, the San Fernando and San Gabriel, and its 30.6 square miles of land is where around 200,000 residents call home.

Given that the area is the third largest in Los Angeles County, and only a 10 mile drive from Downtown Los Angeles, it’s not surprising that a host of popular celebrities have grown up or are currently living in the area, such as Eva Mendes (actress), Joel and Benji Madden (musicians and vocalists for Good Charlotte), Mario Lopez (TV show host), and Pat Sajak (Wheel of Fortune Host).

Protecting the Rights of Glendale Residents

While Glendale may have its share of celebrity occupants, the majority of residents are hard working everyday people who only want to support their families and enjoy the delightful Mediterranean climate of the area in their downtime.

As a Glendale resident, if your life, or that of a loved one, has been impacted by criminal accusations or incarceration, then it is important to place your trust in an experienced defense attorney. This firm’s David S. Kestenbaum, has fought and won cases for his clients who have faced a variety of criminal charges.


Every year over 100,000 residents of California are charged with a DUI. In a recent 6 hour DUI “sting” operation in Glendale, 6 arrests were made, with 5 of them being DUI drug or alcohol related.

There are a number of issues that come with trusting a breathalyzer to accuse individuals of driving under the influence, such as improper usage and implementation of the device, as well as improper maintenance, calibration and upkeep. These have been shown to deliver flawed results.

While the uninformed public may not be aware of such issues, Mr. Kestenbaum has fought and won against such unjust accusations for close to a decade.

Domestic Violence

What may begin as a simple household argument can quickly result in a 911 call and escalate to a domestic disturbance claim. In these cases, fair representation in court is paramount. Mr Kestenbaum has years of experience in discrediting any inappropriate or illegal evidence, and is able to sympathetically convey his client’s position.


A large number of people have unknowingly partaken in an act of theft – which can leave them facing anything from a small fine, all the way up to a long-term prison sentence which can keep them away from family, friends, and employment. Even a petty theft charge can be damaging to your record, so in such cases it is vital to seek the counsel of a qualified criminal defense attorney.

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