The LAX airport and surrounding areas service a large volume of individuals who reside both within the Los Angeles area, and abroad, on a daily basis. The LAX area itself is located southwest to Los Angeles and is tucked nicely along the Pacific Coast in Westchester which is 16 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. Though many different communities make up the LAX area, the direct area and that which surrounds it is the second-most populated metropolitan area in the United States.

Protecting the Rights of LAX Residents

The LAX area of California is a diverse area where many communities converge and diversity is expected as a right, not a privilege. Unfortunate circumstances do arise among its residents, however, making fair legal representation from David S. Kestenbaum, an experienced defense attorney, a necessity.

Domestic Violence

In California, it’s suspected that 25% of female residents will encounter domestic violence at some point in their lives and about half that amount of males will. Domestic violence claims aren’t taken lightly in California, though the evidence provided by the prosecution is often flawed or even inadmissible in court – something which a typical citizen wouldn’t realize.

This is why everyone who has been charged of domestic violence needs to protect him or herself with the education and defense that the law firm of David S. Kestenbaum can provide.

Drug Crimes

The LAX airport is the sixth busiest airport in the world, making it no surprise that it’s one of the airports with the highest incidents of legal and illegal drug activity.

What may seem like an innocent prescription medication to you, may turn into an illegal drug charge, which can result in a large fine or even a prison sentence. To safeguard yourself from any potential fines or a criminal record, it’s imperative to seek the counsel of an experienced LAX defense attorney.

Weapons Charges

Whether it was in your suitcase or you were protecting yourself and your family, what was initially an innocent act may suddenly turn into a nightmare. Having an illegal weapons charge against you comes with many repercussions, and our law firm of David S. Kestenbaum will work tirelessly to eradicate such charges from your record.

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No matter how minor or how major a crime may seem, anything on your permanent record will tarnish your reputation for a lifetime and impact your personal and professional life. To discuss your particular situation, at the law offices of David S. Kestenbaum we welcome your contact, either online or at 818-616-4312. We are here to help you.

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