Pasadena is one of the largest and most renowned suburbs of Los Angeles, having hosted the famous Rose Bowl every year ever since the stadium’s construction in 1922. Founded by a group of mid-westerners who were tired of suffering through harsh Indiana winters, Pasadena was officially incorporated in 1886. It has been home to some of the most notable celebrities of our time, such as famous chef Julia Child and William Wrigley Jr., founder of Wrigley Chewing Gum and owner of the Wrigley field in Chicago, Illinois.

Protecting the Rights of Pasadena Residents

The residents of Pasadena are family and career oriented people who seek the closeness to a metropolitan hub, but the relaxation and quiet of a suburb. Though the crime rate is below the national average, it is in fact a little higher that nearby cities. This is one of the many reasons why the residents of Pasadena deserve the counsel David S. Kestenbaum, an experienced legal defense lawyer who knows how to build a solid defense against criminal accusations.


Pasadena has a thriving business community which suffers from numerous shoplifting incidents every year, but the “thief” is not always to blame. The accused is often not correctly identified, and items can sometimes be accidentally taken from store shelves. In these situations, having an understanding defense attorney like Mr Kestenbaum aggressively questioning the prosecutors about their strength of evidence is essential.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence disputes are amongst the most difficult to prove – and disprove – as many are based on a “he said, she said” premise. While the prosecution side may initially get all the sympathy, a dedicated and well-versed defense attorney will ensure that you receive the representation you deserve and find holes in any detrimental evidence that the prosecution brings to the table.

Gun Crimes

With Pasadena’s slightly higher that the local average crime rate, its residents are subject to numerous illegal firearm usage accusations each year, many of which are unjustly placed. Mr Kestenbaum respects the rights of each and every Californian, and will work tirelessly to ensure that our Second Amendment continues to protect you and your family by justifying your firearm usage.

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If you’ve been accused of a serious crime, you don’t have to face these charges alone. The law firm of David S. Kestenbaum is here to help, and offers a free initial consultation to discuss your particular case. He is know as a strong advocate for the accused, and will work tirelessly to bring your case the court result it deserves. We welcome your contact either online or by calling 818-616-4312.

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  1. Head northwest on New York Dr
  2. Turn left onto N Altadena Dr
  3. Turn right onto the Interstate 210 ramp to San Fernando
  4. Merge onto I-210 W
  5. Continue onto CA-134
  6. Take the exit toward CA-110/Del Mar Blvd/California Blvd
  7. Merge onto I-710
  8. Turn right onto W California Blvd
  9. Take the 1st left onto S Orange Grove Blvd
  10. Slight right onto the State Hwy 110 S/Pasadena Fwy ramp to Los Angeles
  11. Merge onto CA-110 S/State Hwy 110 S
  12. Take the exit onto I-10 W
  13. Take the Overland Ave exit
  14. Turn right onto Overland Ave
  15. Turn right onto W Pico Blvd
  16. Turn left onto S Beverly Glen Blvd
  17. Turn right onto Santa Monica Blvd
  18. Turn right onto Avenue of the Stars
  19. Destination will be on the right

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