No one wants to face the scenario of being arrested on a drug-related crime, but it’s an all-too-frequent occurrence. Maybe you’ve been accused yourself or you know someone who’s facing the same prosecution, like a child, a friend, or a spouse. Maybe you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In any case, you shouldn’t have to face the prospect of a trial and a prison sentence alone. David S. Kestenbaum is ready to hear your side of the story and give you the advice and legal defense you need. He can offer you his many years of experience in dealing with criminal prosecution and California’s drug laws.

Understanding Drug Crimes

According to a survey by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over two-thirds of all prison inmates were found to be dependent on or abusing drugs or alcohol. Drug possession is a common charge nationwide. The state of California happens to be in the lead for arrests for drug possession.

The following drugs are illegal to possess, sell, or transport under both federal and state law:

  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana or cannabis
  • LSD or “acid”
  • Ecstasy and other “club drugs”

It’s also possible to be prosecuted for illegally obtaining prescription drugs like Vicodin and oxycotin. While prescription drugs are not illegal by themselves, they’re usually listed as Schedule IV or Schedule V drugs under the Controlled Substances Act. The law mandates that they have to be provided for medical purposes under a doctor’s prescription.

California residents are likely to deal with the possibility of being prosecuted over the issue of medical marijuana. Proposition 215 (also known as the Compassionate Use Act) makes the sale and possession of marijuana for medicinal purposes legal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be charged with possession of an illegal drug. Even the most diligent authorities can misunderstand your medical situation and decide to prosecute you. That’s what makes having a reliable criminal defense attorney so invaluable.

How We Can Help You with Drug Charges

At the office of David S. Kestenbaum, we’re dedicated to helping every client form a solid defense when accused of a serious drug charge. Mr. Kestenbaum has years of experience as a former prosecutor in the Van Nuys area, so he knows the law from both sides. He can tell whether or not a criminal prosecutor has a strong case and plan your defense accordingly.

What further separates Mr. Kestenbaum from other criminal defense attorneys in Van Nuys is his ability to put a human face on every defendant. If you need evidence to support your defense, he’ll get a private investigator to go over your case ahead of the authorities. If you need psychological counseling, he has therapists and psychiatrists standing by. Because he’s spent so many years as a prosecutor, Mr. Kestenbaum knows what it takes to put up a good defense. You may be faced a serious drug charge, but you’ll have a strong ally when it comes time to choose a drug crimes defense attorney.

Get the Legal Aid You Need Today

If you or someone you know has been accused of a serious drug crime, like trafficking or possession, you need to consult with an attorney right away. Even as a defendant, you have rights in court and need someone to protect them. Let us help your case with our years of experience and expertise in criminal defense. Contact our law firm online or call us at 818-616-4312. Don’t delay to schedule your free consultation!