Theft laws, sometimes referred to as “larceny”, can vary in litigation charges depending on factors such as amount allegedly stolen, the assessed value of the object or objects, and whether the alleged theft involves something such as a motor vehicle or a home. Theft typically is defined as the taking of other’s property or services without consent, and can even extend outwards into issues such as stolen identities.

Criminal Defense Attorney David S. Kestenbaum has worked with his clients exclusively in criminal law for over thirty years, dealing in allegations of theft and theft related litigation, with history as both a defense attorney and as a prosecutor.

We leverage our extensive experience daily in theft related cases, representing claims ranging from serious to high profile with prolific success rates.

What is Considered a Theft Crime?

The State of California differentiates between charges of “petty theft”, “theft”, and “grand theft”. Theft charges can and will vary based on monetary values assessed by the prosecutor, and potential charges and sentences will build as high as the alleged value. There is typically great incentive by a prosecutor for a maximum payout, which can elevate the sentencing of the defendant by the dollar.

Types of alleged theft cases commonly include:

  • Stolen goods, such as electronics, household items, and more
  • Automobile or motorcycle ownership
  • Litigation against house ownership
  • Identity theft charges

We are 100% committed to criminal defense and litigation, and have had much success settling out of court, as well as in tried cases in front of a jury. Even if you are currently arrested, we are still able and committed to working with you to get your case under control and managed.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Theft Cases

1. Will I get to talk to an attorney, or will I be filtered through case managers?

We believe a personal-oriented approach is the way to achieve the best possible results. When you contact the Kestenbaum Law Group, you are assigned an actual attorney right away, as opposed to a paralegal or office manager. We believe in presenting your case with you as the person, the individual and hence we want to get to know you from the very first day. This is our approach to representing a criminal defense cases and it plays a large part in defining why we have legal successes.

2. My spouse is accusing me of taking items that I believe to be my own. Will you defend me in this case?

As theft can often be a matter of possession, charges of theft can extend from issues of divorce or other marital-related cases. There are various defenses in theft cases that are applicable to possession disputes, and we are equipped to handle any such cases.

3. I am being accused of theft allegedly committed while I was under the influence. How will this impact my case?


A big portion of theft law revolves around the intent to take possession. We will help explore all aspects of your case, even and especially, in the case of being under the influence by taking into consideration all potential avenues of defense.

4. I am currently under arrest for charges related to theft. Can you help?

Clients who are seeking representation while under retention by local law enforcement are not uncommon. Our offices will work with local police in order to represent you as soon as is possible.

Litigation Cases are Complex

There are a multitude of reasons as to why someone may seek to press charges of theft. Anything from debit card transitions, to unreturned library materials can lead to a theft accusation.  The consequences can potentially range from a minor infraction, to serious prison sentences as a result of a felony. The process of litigation can be tricky, and finding competent representation is paramount when dealing with your personal criminal defense.

Your Case can be Your Future

When you call the Kestenbaum Law Group, you can expect to be treated with personal attention and a considered manner. You can also expect the most experienced and established criminal defense attorney serving the Los Angeles area.

We pride ourselves in providing direct client-to-attorney interactions that help explore all the details of your case. We tap into our network of professional resources to get the best possible outcomes.

With more than three decades of experience in theft litigation, a deeply rooted relationship with local law enforcement, and access to deep legal resources, we can help you get your regular life back. Call Kestenbaum Law Group today at 818-616-4312.