I did some research online to see who would be the best match for my legal situation and KEG seemed to be the right lawyers. During my initial consultation they gave me some good basic advice. I retained Mr. Kestenbaum and he spoke to the detective who claimed he wanted to arrest me, based on completely false allegations. After a while he stopped calling and KEG refunded 100% my second retainer the first time I asked. I have the money set aside in case the detective actually does decide to carry out his threat to arrest me but I feel a lot more emotionally ready for that with Mr. Kestenbaum in my corner. Maybe the thing that stood out the most to me is that he is a former senior prosecutor who defends his clients in the same court system he used to work in. He not only knows how prosecutors think when they are considering taking on a case, he actually knows many of the senior prosecutors and police professionally and even personally as friends. He was also consistently nice and seemed to actually care about my case. Even the bail bondsman Dale he recommended was great, driving down to see me and continually following up with me. If I need to I will rehire him immediately and would recommend him highly to anyone facing criminal charges.

Criminal Defense Client