I come from a family of attorneys and Mr. Kestenbaum came highly recommended to my dad. He was the first lawyer we discussed the case with and found no need to look any further. He made me feel comfortable and confident, as this was my first time facing a criminal charge. He is a straight shooter, and did not sugarcoat the felony charge I was facing. But let me know that given the proper action by both he and I, the situation could most likely be resolved . He represented me very diligently, actually correcting the judge when he misread which count of the penal code I was charged with violating. He was impeccable in the court room, and had a great rapport with the staff, even the district attorney. He helped me personally by telling me what I needed to do outside the court to show that I was taking the initiative to fix my life. I complied with exactly what he said. With his expertise in the court and great personal advise my case was dismissed 9 months ahead of schedule. I was extremely happy with the outcome and his performance as my lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone.

Matt Criminal Defense Client