I was involved in a very lengthy and stressful criminal investigation. I was facing the possibility of a long prison sentence. It was very embracing for me and I felt very much alone. From day one, Mr. Kestenbaum and his team treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. I always felt that the firm and especially Mr. Kestenbaum were working for the best possible outcome for me. When the advice came down that it was in my best interest to take a plea deal, Mr. Kestenbaum took the time to fully explain to me why it was the best thing to do and did not present me with a deal until he was satisfied that it was the best deal that could be reached. When he presented me with the deal I felt confident that it was the best move. Instead of facing a lengthy prison term I was ordered to serve only a few months in jail, probation, and restitution. The firm did not stop there. Even after the deal was signed, Mr. Kestenbaum was first able to reduce the jail time to house arrest so that I could be with my family. He was then able to get time served for good behavior after I had served half of the time. This took over two years to reach the full conclusion and Mr. Kestenbaum fought for me everyday in those two years. I accredit this to Mr. Kestenbaum and his team’s tenacity and never give up attitude. This work ethic coupled with the countless years of experience and amazing rapport with the district attorneys and judges in the areas in which the firm practices, put them at a distinct advantage to get you the best possible outcome in whatever situation that you may find yourself in. So if you want someone who will fight for you to the very end and beyond… Someone who will treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve… Someone that cares about you and your loved ones, please contact Kestenbaum Law Group. It was the best decision that I ever made.

Criminal Defense Client