Mr. Kestenbaum came in to save the day for me. I was involved with receiving stolen property via Craigslist and he handled everything and set me at ease!

He was more than fare with me on what he charged me and was worth more to me than you could put any price to. I was quoted a few ridiculous retainer fees but Mr Kestenbaum was more than fare in his fees with me. Mr Kestenbaum was referred to me by a family member who is a tax attorney so I decided to go with this referral instead of the higher priced ones. I am extremely happy that I chose the route I did!

In the end, Mr. Kestenbaum was able to talk to the authorities and get everything dropped with no problems.

Mr. Kestenbaum was always quick to return my phone calls and do all that he could to settle my nerves. He never once failed to do what he said he would take care of in the time frame he stated too. He also never passed me onto one of his paralegals which most attorney’s will do. He personally handled all business with me.

I would like to thank you for all your efforts and the way you helped calm my anxiety. You are a first class attorney and I am grateful to have met you. I just personally hope we never have to meet again, at least under these circumstances 🙂

Criminal Defense Client