Thank you so much for your assistance with my legal situation. From this point forward, I will never again drive after having even just one or two drinks. It was a huge mistake and a tough lesson that I would not have been able to get through without you. Moving forward, I have learned a lot from this ordeal even beyond the issue of drinking. It is just not a good idea to be driving at bar time no matter what.

This experience has really imprinted on me the seriousness of the consequences of my choices and the impact that they can have on my future. It also was an eye-opening introduction to the LAPD. Thank you again for saving me from the worst of it.

Sebastian G.

I was baffled by his knowledge and wisdom.
He pushed buttons that I never thought that existed and got my case dismissed. I can’t thank him enough.
He is the best in what he does so please don’t waste your time searching.

Criminal Defense client

I worked with David on a case and found him to be incredibly diligent, personable and a very sincere individual. David is well regarded in the industry among his peers and that in itself is a reflection of the quality work he provides to his clients. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the case and highly recommend David to anyone who needs to a criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense client

Mr. Kestenbaum was extremely knowledgeable about the traffic court system and was able to get two charges dismissed for my son, and was instrumental in achieving a major reduction in the speeding charge. I would recommend him to anyone who is faced with going to court.

HollyCriminal Defense client

Mr.Kestenbaum was extremely helpful in aiding me through the process of fighting my ticket and in conclusion was able to get the majority of the charges held against me dropped.

Criminal Defense client

I posted a question on and he was one of the lawyers that responded to my question, he asked for further information and I responded with a private e-mail. He was prompt at responding and even when I didn’t understand he was willing and prompt to keep explaining and answering my questions. It was pleasant to me that he took time out of his schedule to address my question. I appreciate that a lot. Most lawyers want your contact info and are not interested in helping you unless you are hiring or paying them a fee. His actions show me that he has a passion to help people and it is not just about getting paid.

Romeo621980Criminal Defense client

Thank You for all your help and for reassuring me that everything will be ok. And to you grandpa G, thank you for helping me.

Domestic Violence client

Mr. Kestenbaum, along with attorney Meryl Chambers did an amazing job representing me in my DUI case in LA County. They were extremely knowledgable and helpful and were able to get the DUI charges reduced for me. I would recommend David and Meryl to anyone looking for the best representation with the best possible outcome.

ChrisDUI Client

From the caring Staff and the friendliness of Mr. Kestenbaum, you can’t go wrong and will be taken care of like a person. I was in a terrible situation and was instantly put at ease by their caring and understanding. Thank you so much for the help and the caring and most of all, the compassion.

Marc B.

Mr. Kestenbaum is a legitimate lawyer who earnestly cares about his clients and walks them through their cases delivering great results with a professional and efficient work ethic. With his help, I was able to achieve the exact result I was looking for and couldn’t have picked a better team to work on my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Adam C.