Thank you so much for your assistance with my legal situation. From this point forward, I will never again drive after having even just one or two drinks. It was a huge mistake and a tough lesson that I would not have been able to get through without you. Moving forward, I have learned a lot from this ordeal even beyond the issue of drinking. It is just not a good idea to be driving at bar time no matter what.

This experience has really imprinted on me the seriousness of the consequences of my choices and the impact that they can have on my future. It also was an eye-opening introduction to the LAPD. Thank you again for saving me from the worst of it.

Sebastian G.

I was baffled by his knowledge and wisdom.
He pushed buttons that I never thought that existed and got my case dismissed. I can't thank him enough.
He is the best in what he does so please don't waste your time searching.

Criminal Defense client

I worked with David on a case and found him to be incredibly diligent, personable and a very sincere individual. David is well regarded in the industry among his peers and that in itself is a reflection of the quality work he provides to his clients. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of the case and highly recommend David to anyone who needs to a criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense client

Mr. Kestenbaum was extremely knowledgeable about the traffic court system and was able to get two charges dismissed for my son, and was instrumental in achieving a major reduction in the speeding charge. I would recommend him to anyone who is faced with going to court.

HollyCriminal Defense client

Mr.Kestenbaum was extremely helpful in aiding me through the process of fighting my ticket and in conclusion was able to get the majority of the charges held against me dropped.

Criminal Defense client

I posted a question on avvo.com and he was one of the lawyers that responded to my question, he asked for further information and I responded with a private e-mail. He was prompt at responding and even when I didn't understand he was willing and prompt to keep explaining and answering my questions. It was pleasant to me that he took time out of his schedule to address my question. I appreciate that a lot. Most lawyers want your contact info and are not interested in helping you unless you are hiring or paying them a fee. His actions show me that he has a passion to help people and it is not just about getting paid.

Romeo621980Criminal Defense client

Thank You for all your help and for reassuring me that everything will be ok. And to you grandpa G, thank you for helping me.

Domestic Violence client

Mr. Kestenbaum, along with attorney Meryl Chambers did an amazing job representing me in my DUI case in LA County. They were extremely knowledgable and helpful and were able to get the DUI charges reduced for me. I would recommend David and Meryl to anyone looking for the best representation with the best possible outcome.

ChrisDUI Client

From the caring Staff and the friendliness of Mr. Kestenbaum, you can't go wrong and will be taken care of like a person. I was in a terrible situation and was instantly put at ease by their caring and understanding. Thank you so much for the help and the caring and most of all, the compassion.

Marc B.

Mr. Kestenbaum is a legitimate lawyer who earnestly cares about his clients and walks them through their cases delivering great results with a professional and efficient work ethic. With his help, I was able to achieve the exact result I was looking for and couldn't have picked a better team to work on my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Adam C.

Mr. David Kestenbaum walk us through our case with patience and much caring and could finalize our case with the best result.
Simply Mr. Kestenbaum and his team are the best people we could assign our case to and they are very Professional, honest and caring.

Moe S.

Mr. Kestenbaum was extremely helpful in getting two charges against my son dropped, and getting the speeding ticket reduced to below 100 mph. He was kind, courteous and knew how to get things taken care of. I highly recommend him to anyone faced with legal interactions with the police and the court system.

Holly S.

I have worked with Mr. Kestenbaum since my case in late 2010 through January 2015. I could not have been any luckier to have such methodical and passionate legal help. His former and current law group guided me through the whole process making clear the exact steps we were taking while always maintaining a realistic expectations for the outcome.

For a very serious drug charge Mr. Kestenbaum was able to secure my bail for 2% of what it was set at! He worked many angles for my defense and was ultimately able to keep me from serving any subsequent time incarcerated. The case resulted in a suspended sentence and a rehabilitation stay. Upon completion of all penalties Mr. Kestenbaum took me through the expungement process and was able to have my record cleared up.

The level of professionalism and compassion is without equal. I would absolutely recommend Kestenbaum Law Group.

Drug Charge Defense Client

I have known Mr. Kestenbaum for several years. I was initially referred to him by several colleagues who would absolutely rave about him. He is truly the greatest attorney out there! He has helped me tremendously with my traffic infractions. On top of that, he has also helped my boyfriend clean up his driving record one case at a time. He is extremely knowledgable and has great connections within the courts since he's been practicing for some time. I would recommend his services to anyone!!!

Sasha - Criminal Defense Client

This by far is the best law firm in L.A.!! I was in the toughest pickle of my life. Where as I could have lost my career, and my home, all for making a mistake of drinking and driving. But thank God I found David Kestenbaum and his super team (Lorena). From the moment you walk in, your greeted with open arms. They walk you through every step of the way until the very end. I was able to walk away with a slap on the wrist, keep my home and career. Even after everything was said and done, they still help me with any little questions I might have or missed. So if you are in any
kind of criminal trouble I highly recommend Kestenbaum law group.

Melvin - DUI Defense Client

I am happy to provide a review for David - I want to personally thank him for getting me a better result than I thought was possible in my case. David has always been responsive to my questions and concerns and has taken direct action to achieve the desired result. David was able to convince the parties involved in my favor, on a point which was extremely relevant to me. Because of this, a great deal of stress was removed from the entire situation. I am now the happiest I've been in months, and it's a direct result of David's quality work. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Criminal Defense Client

Lucky for me I was referred by another lawyer to David who had a specialty in the field of what I had to deal with.. He really saved my butt big time! I truly appreciate that he was always available to talk and kept me informed on the status of my case.. I would highly recommend him to any of my family or friends if ever needed! Thank you very much for your support during a very hard time in my life Mr K!

Criminal Defense client

I was facing felony charges for the first time in my life, after my initial meeting with David Kestenbaum he immediately had me feeling more comfortable about the whole situation and through his confidence I knew I had the right attorney on my side. The case was rejected by the courts and the whole incident was behind me so quickly and now I can move forward with my life knowing that I have a clean record and that this was all just a bad dream. I highly recommend David Kestenbaum as the right person you want on your team for legal defense.

ChristianCriminal Defense Client

My son's charge was murder in the first degree and the situation was frightening even though he was innocent. We didn't know what to do or which way to turn, but David was highly recommended to us by another attorney and we hired him within a couple of hours of getting his name. He calmed us down and explained everything we needed to know. He went to work on the case immediately and worked tirelessly until it was over. He kept us informed so that we knew at all times what was going on and what needed to be done. We have since been told, repeatedly, what amazing representation we had for the outcome to be what it was. We thank God for David and he will always have our undying gratitude.

Criminal defense Client

Cared very much for son's DUI case. We were very happy with result. Always returned our calls, and emails. Very caring lawyer!

Criminal Defense Client

From day one I got a positive impression. I felt he said what was necessary regarding the case, and to the point. He was prompt to respond to my e-mails and concerns throughout the four months of my case's duration. I always felt I was in good hands, and never had second thoughts or regrets of hiring David. He first reduced my felony charge to misdemeanor, then had it dismissed. In the meantime, he recommended me to professional individuals whose assistance greatly affected my case, and whose report was impressive to the judge.

I confidently recommend David to anyone interested in a great lawyer.

Criminal Defense Client

Mr Kestenbaum and his firm quickly and aggressively pursued my case. Within 18 hours of my initial interview with his firm, he had already contacted the appropriate government legal and law enforcement officials. He and his firm were most responsive to all my requests for information and were very accommodating to me given that I live overseas.
This lawyer establishes trust and confidence immediately. He provides you professional, non-biased feedback on the situation at hand, and works relentlessly to solve the issue. My case began as a felony. He worked to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor. Ultimately, the officials dismissed the case.

Criminal Defense Client

I come from a family of attorneys and Mr. Kestenbaum came highly recommended to my dad. He was the first lawyer we discussed the case with and found no need to look any further. He made me feel comfortable and confident, as this was my first time facing a criminal charge. He is a straight shooter, and did not sugarcoat the felony charge I was facing. But let me know that given the proper action by both he and I, the situation could most likely be resolved . He represented me very diligently, actually correcting the judge when he misread which count of the penal code I was charged with violating. He was impeccable in the court room, and had a great rapport with the staff, even the district attorney. He helped me personally by telling me what I needed to do outside the court to show that I was taking the initiative to fix my life. I complied with exactly what he said. With his expertise in the court and great personal advise my case was dismissed 9 months ahead of schedule. I was extremely happy with the outcome and his performance as my lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone.

Matt Criminal Defense Client

David has decades of experience as an attorney which is well reflected in his knowledge and excellent service. He promptly responded to my inquiries and took time to address all concerns. He made me feel at ease during a very traumatic time in my life. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case and highly recommend David Kestenbaum.

Criminal Defense Client

We had a great experience working with Mr. Kestenbaum. He was highly recommended to us by another attorney and lived up to the expectation. He was very professional in addressing all of our concerns, warm and caring on a personal level.
Mr. Kestenbaum has an excellent common sense, and possesses great communicational and interpersonal skills, which I believe contributed to him getting the case dismissed in front of a very tough but reasonable judge.

NatashaCriminal Defense Client

After being charged with a violation of my probation on a strike, I was facing prison time. Having had a very negative experience with a previous lawyer, I've lost all hope in lawyers all together. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical in hiring any attorney whatsoever...HOWEVER, I am TRULY GRATEFUL to Mr. Kestenbaum for taking care of my violation and getting ALL of the charges against me to be DISMISSED!!! David Kestenbaum- not only talks the talk- but walks the walk!
THANK YOU Mr. Kestenbaum for helping me continue on with my life and bringing hope back into my family again!!!

Criminal Defense Client

I did some research online to see who would be the best match for my legal situation and KEG seemed to be the right lawyers. During my initial consultation they gave me some good basic advice. I retained Mr. Kestenbaum and he spoke to the detective who claimed he wanted to arrest me, based on completely false allegations. After a while he stopped calling and KEG refunded 100% my second retainer the first time I asked. I have the money set aside in case the detective actually does decide to carry out his threat to arrest me but I feel a lot more emotionally ready for that with Mr. Kestenbaum in my corner. Maybe the thing that stood out the most to me is that he is a former senior prosecutor who defends his clients in the same court system he used to work in. He not only knows how prosecutors think when they are considering taking on a case, he actually knows many of the senior prosecutors and police professionally and even personally as friends. He was also consistently nice and seemed to actually care about my case. Even the bail bondsman Dale he recommended was great, driving down to see me and continually following up with me. If I need to I will rehire him immediately and would recommend him highly to anyone facing criminal charges.

Criminal Defense Client

I collided with another auto from behind while making a u-turn at an intersection, and due to a personal medical emergency did not stop at the scene. I phoned LAPD to acknowledge my involvement and provide identification after returning to my residence which was less than one mile away.

Subsequently I was charged with felony hit and run.

The second counsel that I contacted was David Kestenbaum to defend me in this matter.
Mr. Kestenbaum quoted me a reasonable fee for resolving this issue, even if necessitating a jury trial.
As circumstances developed, the claimant demanded unreasonable and exaggerated compensation for this incident.

Mr. Kestenbaum never once encouraged me to make a settlement which would diminish his time and effort to resolve the charges. In fact, he took personal umbrage at the extent of the claims made by the claimant. He negotiated at length with the judge assigned to my case and the city prosecutor.
Mr. Kestenbaum advised me to have a trial by judge as he thought it would be the best way to illuminate the amount and nature of the charges involved and put them in perspective.

I chose, do to my own scheduled obligations, to pay a fee to resolve the issue and have the charges dismissed.
Mr. Kestenbaum made the arrangements per my request, which absolved me from any further liability of any kind.

There are those in the legal profession who will take your deposit up front, bill you to death, and treat your circumstances as a methodical series of procedures which will involve the least amount of time and effort on their part. I initially engaged one of these attorneys through naïveté and ignorance.

Mr. Kestenbaum definitely is not one of these.

I will endorse and refer Mr. Kestenbaum to any one in my personal circle of family, friends, or clients who may be in need of his practice in law.

RichardCar Accident Client

Mr. Kestenbaum completely saved my life and my career. Not only was I happy with the outcome of my case, Mr. Kestenbaum brought me comfort and much support while my case was still pending. He really put me at ease when I felt most vulnerable and was always attentive to my needs. He is a kind, wonderful human being and is by your side 100% of the time. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Kestenbaum to anyone to represent them in a heart beat. Thank you for all of your hard work and time you put into my case.

DUI Client

Mr. Kestenbaum was able to reduce my DUI charges to reckless driving.
I just showed up in court and had to pay fines & attend alcohol classes. No additional jail time or community service. I highly recommend David Kestenbaum. Worth every penny!

BobDUI Client

Mr. Kestenbaum displayed a level of professionalism I had not yet experienced. Every experience and encounter was highly admirable as his ability to practice with a balance between aggressiveness and integrity resulted in success with my case. Aside from his ability to produce results in the courtroom, Mr. Kestenbaum provided me with a sense of comfort from the time I met him. His impressive conduct kept me calm until the court reached a decision which was was a remarkable result. Mr. Kestenbaum's outstanding ability to practice law combined with his admirable conduct as a professional allowed for not only a successful case outcome but kept me, as a client, collective and confident throughout the entire process. As I have worked with numerous other criminal law firms in the past, I can say that Mr. Kestenbaum is the best I have yet to experience.

AnthonyCriminal Defense Client

Counselor Kestenbaum and his staff are great. Counselor Kestenbaum got my charge reduced to a misdemeanor with no conviction. I highly recommend Counselor Kestenbaum for their services, especially the trojan family.

SteveCriminal Defense Client

David Kestenbaum was my saving grace during a difficult time, He produced a more than favorable outcome in my case, Mr. Kestenbaum will listen to you, he will return messages promptly, he will never blow you off as just another number on the list.....this is the guy you want advocating for you! he won't back down, he's respected by the judges, District Attorneys office and court staff. I never thought I would be in a position to have to hire an Attorney, but I'm glad I found David and his firm and decided to retain them to represent me, it was the best decision I ever made, Mr. Kestenbaum made a unfortunate time more tolerable, and supported and advised me throughout the legal process. he's really just a down to earth nice guy.

Gina ArcherCriminal Defense Client

Mr. K has handled several criminal issues for my son over the past several years. He is efficient, clear about his goals' possibilities and options. He has outstanding relationships with the court (judges, commissioners, DA staff, court clerks, etc.) and has never failed to get a best positive outcome for my son. He is very busy, so sometimes alternate forms of communication help, but you pay for good outcomes...and this is what we have gotten on several separate occasions. I recommend him highly. Have also worked a small amount with one of his partners, Mr. Eisen, who is also quite good.

Mombear H Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Kestenbaum did a phenomenal job for my daughter. He made an extremely tense situation manageable. He was at all times professional, responsiveness and transparent and set realistic expectations. In the end he was able to get the charge against her dismissed.

Criminal Defense Client

Mr. Kestenbaum came in to save the day for me. I was involved with receiving stolen property via Craigslist and he handled everything and set me at ease!

He was more than fare with me on what he charged me and was worth more to me than you could put any price to. I was quoted a few ridiculous retainer fees but Mr Kestenbaum was more than fare in his fees with me. Mr Kestenbaum was referred to me by a family member who is a tax attorney so I decided to go with this referral instead of the higher priced ones. I am extremely happy that I chose the route I did!

In the end, Mr. Kestenbaum was able to talk to the authorities and get everything dropped with no problems.

Mr. Kestenbaum was always quick to return my phone calls and do all that he could to settle my nerves. He never once failed to do what he said he would take care of in the time frame he stated too. He also never passed me onto one of his paralegals which most attorney's will do. He personally handled all business with me.

I would like to thank you for all your efforts and the way you helped calm my anxiety. You are a first class attorney and I am grateful to have met you. I just personally hope we never have to meet again, at least under these circumstances

Criminal Defense Client

Mr. David S. Kestenbaum proved throughout my entire case what separates him from the others. He has the incredibly rare combination of vast knowledge, determination, and skill but he is also trustworthy and personable. This proved to be what separated the outcome of my case from going in an another direction.

He was always honest throughout the entire case and never tried to hide facts which was important to me. It made me feel less in the dark about something I was not too familiar with and also more confident that the desired outcome may just be possible.

I can't begin to place into words the payoff of an attorney who truly cares about the result for their client's best interest, not solely their own. The case is approached as a team vs. strictly a business exchange and it genuinely creates a more cohesive direction for both parties. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice or counsel.

Criminal Defense Client

I was involved in a very lengthy and stressful criminal investigation. I was facing the possibility of a long prison sentence. It was very embracing for me and I felt very much alone. From day one, Mr. Kestenbaum and his team treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. I always felt that the firm and especially Mr. Kestenbaum were working for the best possible outcome for me. When the advice came down that it was in my best interest to take a plea deal, Mr. Kestenbaum took the time to fully explain to me why it was the best thing to do and did not present me with a deal until he was satisfied that it was the best deal that could be reached. When he presented me with the deal I felt confident that it was the best move. Instead of facing a lengthy prison term I was ordered to serve only a few months in jail, probation, and restitution. The firm did not stop there. Even after the deal was signed, Mr. Kestenbaum was first able to reduce the jail time to house arrest so that I could be with my family. He was then able to get time served for good behavior after I had served half of the time. This took over two years to reach the full conclusion and Mr. Kestenbaum fought for me everyday in those two years. I accredit this to Mr. Kestenbaum and his team's tenacity and never give up attitude. This work ethic coupled with the countless years of experience and amazing rapport with the district attorneys and judges in the areas in which the firm practices, put them at a distinct advantage to get you the best possible outcome in whatever situation that you may find yourself in. So if you want someone who will fight for you to the very end and beyond... Someone who will treat you with the dignity and respect that you deserve... Someone that cares about you and your loved ones, please contact Kestenbaum Law Group. It was the best decision that I ever made.

Criminal Defense Client

Mister Kestenbaum is a lawyer who knows not only the law but the spirit of the law ! He is a no nonsense, smart and honest lawyer that will fight hard for his clients and will tell you the truth. You cant afford not to call !!! I highly recommend mister Kestenbaum and his law firm, no matter how big or small the charge, he and his firm are the Tom Cruises and Brad Pitts, of lawyers.They are the A -game !!!!!

Criminal Defense client

Mr. Kestenbaum is one of the best lawyers I have ever worked with! He was able to do everything I had asked and got my case dismissed! My case was not typical at all and he was still able to get what I wanted from the judge. On top of that, one of the things I liked the most is that he walks right in the court building and gets us to see the judge right away within minutes! I couldn't believe how fast I was in and out of that court, all while the other lawyers waited for their cases to be called. I definitely recommend Mr. Kestenbaum for legal services.

Adrian N.Adrian N.