Shoplifting, Criminal Defense Attorney Van Nuys, Los Angeles

Shoplifting is a charge in which material goods are either stolen or taken with intent to be stolen from a retail store. Shoplifting can result in several different charges depending on the valued amount of the objects. Typically, this ranges from a misdemeanor offense all the way to a felony.

Shoplifting Attorney David S. Kestenbaum has worked with his clients exclusively in criminal law for over thirty years, dealing in allegations of shoplifting related litigation, with history as both a defense attorney and as a prosecutor.

Shoplifting persecution can come down to intricate details and we leverage our long-running experience with shoplifting cases to make sure you have every chance at a great defense.


What is Considered a Shoplifting Crime?

While any shoplifting is considered a criminal offense, the state of California generally sees shoplifting as a “petty theft” crime when the shoplifted object in question is valued at a range of under $200-$500. If the object in question is valued at over $500, typically this will be charged as a felony offense. There are various ways a shoplifting charge can come about.

Types of alleged shoplifting cases commonly include:

  • Stolen goods, foods, or others from a retail store
  • Concealment of a retail item
  • Implication to shoplifting
  • Unlawful admission into an event

There are many considerations when dealing with shoplifting cases and you will need your case explored from many angles. We are 100% committed to criminal defense and litigation and have had much success settling out of court, as well as in trial cases in front of a jury. Even if you are currently arrested, we are still able and committed to working with you to get your case under control and managed.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Shoplifting Cases

This Is My First Offense For Shoplifting. Does this matter?

Your criminal record does play a factor in not only the severity of the potential sentence, but the likelihood that the offense could even be erased from your record. Given the potentiality of strong results with good representation, coupled with our extensive history with shoplifting crimes, calling us immediately can be vital to both your case and record.


A Store Stopped My Friend for Shoplifting and They Are Charging Me Too! Can They Do This?

It is possible for a store to charge someone for being associated to the shoplifting. However, given the intricacies of such an accusation, it is important to be properly defended if you have are accused of being tied to a shoplifting crime. The Kestenbaum Law Group is known for its results in helping many of its clients in these situations.

I Am Currently Under Arrest for Charges Related To Theft. Can You Help?

Clients who are seeking representation while under retention by local law enforcement are not uncommon. Our offices will work with local police in order to represent you as soon as is possible.

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