5 star ratingIn my life time, the most important decision I have made was to hire David Kestenbaum law group to handle my Criminal case, the crime I did not commit

I was wrongfully arrested by Los Angeles sheriff for using so called counterfeit money and changed by DA for misdemeanor, petty theft. I hired David Chesley law office to defend me,...
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Sue H. Avatar
Sue H.
5 star ratingI visited with another lawyer before meeting David and my wife and I lacked confidence in his approach, a sort of wait and see approach, I then received David's contact information from a friend of a friend and arranged a meeting, when we met David he had already contacted the DA in the case, not "wait and see" but proactive,... read more
Joe A. Avatar
Joe A.
5 star ratingI was facing felony criminal charges that I could have never imagined due to an overlooked matter. I had a very short period of time in which to research and find an Attorney that I felt could best defend me and bring a positive resolution to my predicament. I had no criminal background what so ever, my record was as... read more
Gwd D. Avatar
Gwd D.
5 star ratingDavid Kestenbaum is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He and his team really show they care and desire to help each and every client. David takes his time to make sure every step is understood and goes smoothly, while still staying efficient and on task. His attention to the needs of others and his capability of doing... read more
Steven P. Avatar
Steven P.
5 star ratingThree years ago I was a dumb underage kid drinking wine at the beach with friends. I was caught and written up for a open container. I had half a mind to just pay the fee and be over with it, however I had an inkling of an idea that it might not be so simple. I was consulted by... read more
Semarath B. Avatar
Semarath B.
5 star ratingI needed immediate help with a legal situation my wife and I were going through. I called about 5 attorneys and didn't hear back from them right away. David was there to help imediately. This is an excellent law firm! David is a very compassionate and helpful. If you are in a tough spot this is the... read more
Roger H. Avatar
Roger H.
5 star ratingDavid is incredible, having him as my attorney changed everything for me, today i have my life back. He is professional, understanding and knowledgeable. His office is in a great location. Lorena his assistant is so helpful and makes everything flow as it should. Thanks to his help and following the direction he has provided me all is well.
Shawnee H. Avatar
Shawnee H.
5 star ratingFrom the caring Staff and the friendliness of Mr. Kestenbaum, you can't go wrong and will be taken care of like a person. I was in a terrible situation and was instantly put at ease by their caring and understanding. Thank you so much for the help and the caring and most of all, the compassion.
Marc B. Avatar
Marc B.
5 star ratingMr. Kestenbaum is a legitimate lawyer who earnestly cares about his clients and walks them through their cases delivering great results with a professional and efficient work ethic. With his help, I was able to achieve the exact result I was looking for and couldn't have picked a better team to work on my case. I would definitely recommend him... read more
Adam C. Avatar
Adam C.
5 star ratingMr. Kestenbaum was extremely helpful in getting two minor traffic charges against my teenage son dropped. He was kind, courteous and knew how to get things taken care of. I highly recommend him to anyone faced with legal interactions with the police and the court system.
Holly S. Avatar
Holly S.
5 star ratingMr. David Kestenbaum walk us through our case with patience and much caring and could finalize our case with the best result.
Simply Mr. Kestenbaum and his team are the best people we could assign our case to and they are very Professional, honest and caring.
Moe S. Avatar
Moe S.
5 star ratingI have known Mr. Kestenbaum for several years. I was initially referred to him by several colleagues who would absolutely rave about him. He is truly the greatest attorney out there! He has helped me tremendously with my traffic infractions. On top of that, he has also helped my boyfriend clean up his driving record one case at a time.... read more
Sasha B. Avatar
Sasha B.
5 star ratingThis by far is the best law firm in L.A.!! I was in the toughest pickle of my life. Where as I could have lost my career, and my home, all for making a mistake of drinking and driving.. But thank god I found David Kestenbaum and his super team (Lorena).. From the moment you walk in, your greeted with... read more
Melvin C. Avatar
Melvin C.

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