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David S. Kestenbaum

When people are facing criminal charges, they can be overwhelmed with stress. Their future is going to be decided by a process they may not be familiar with or understand. I focus on not just delivering the results you need, but also helping you understand what is going on. There are often key moments in a case where you will have to make a decision that could affect your life for years to come. I make sure you understand the choices you are making.

Beyond working to keep you informed, I work to protect your rights and freedom. I know that what everyone wants is for their charges to simply go away.

I do my best to secure the best possible outcome for all of my clients.

Meet Attorney
Matthew Vodnoy

After 15 years as a Deputy District Attorney and a series of realizations fully came to fruition, it became clear that justice depended on the prosecutor you stood before; it wasn’t blind, nor objective.

Instead, there were those who saw it as black and white, and anyone charged with a crime was a bad person. Then, there were the reasonable prosecutors, who understood that we are all people, we all make mistakes, and there is always more to any story than what an officer puts in a report.

For justice to occur, no prosecutor can blindly follow office directives, police conclusions, nor societal trends. Instead, every case is a fingerprint, and every person charged with a crime must have his case fairly evaluated.
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David S. Kestenbaum a Former Prosecutor With More Than 30 Years Of Experience working as a criminal defense attorney and as a prosecutor for Van Nuys And Throughout Southern California.



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