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  • Criminal Defense Attorney Van Nuys & Los Angeles

    Since 1979, David S. Kestenbaum has been practicing law in the state of California, earning his experience in both the prosecution of criminals and the defense of the accused. Victims and other clients have made use of his largest assets in the courtroom, which include his connections in the California legal community, his passion in standing up for the accused, and his expertise in serious matters like gun laws and narcotics charges.

    At the Kestenbaum Law Group, we hope to combine our experience with intricate legal matters like firearms law and theft with our compassion for victims and the unjustly accused.

    California Law and Possessing Weapons

    As the Supreme Court ruled in a 2010 case known as McDonald v. Chicago, the Second Amendment of the US Constitution applies within the jurisdiction of individual states. This means that private citizens can legally possess firearms within their homes for the purpose of self-defense, which includes public housing like apartment buildings.

    Even so, it’s important to remember that the sale, possession, and carrying of firearms is heavily restricted in the State of California. For example, it’s illegal to purchase, possess, or import any class of assault weapons unless you happen to be an active-duty member of the US military and have registered your weapon with the California Department of Justice. In addition, any firearm purchase must be made through a dealer who possesses a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and submits Dealer Records of Sale (DROS) to the Department of Justice.

    Practicing Law in the State of California

    The Kestenbaum Law Group has a solid background in California gun laws and gun-related crimes, but that’s not the only field of the law in which we excel. We hope to provide California residents with our experience in handling other criminal charges.


    In California, over 100,000 people are arrested for being intoxicated behind the wheel every year. Even the lightest sentence for such a crime involves a fine of $390 and 96 hours in jail. Of course, everyone’s metabolism is different, so even their score on a BAC test can be challenged with the right evidence.

    That’s why Mr. Kestenbaum can help. With over 7 years of experience as a criminal prosecutor, he knows what it takes to build a solid case for drunk driving and where it can fall apart in court. He’ll be attentive to every client’s story and use it as the foundation for his own passionate defense.


    Under the category of property crimes, theft is the most common charge. Taking someone else’s possessions or services without their consent—including their identity online—is a serious offense, but the matter isn’t always what it appears to be. For example, accusations of theft are common in divorce hearings when it comes to dividing up a married couple’s possessions.

    In the Kestenbaum Law Group, you’re guaranteed to get a fair hearing. We’re committed to every client, even those who are currently in police custody for a petty or grand larceny charge. You can expect to be treated with due consideration when telling your side of the story and requesting the best legal counsel in this unfortunate situation.


    Shoplifting is considered a retail crime, which means that someone’s merchandise was taken without paying. Such a crime costs the retail industry $35 billion every year, so it’s natural for the police and prosecutors to take a hard line on this offense. In some cases, even being associated with someone when they’re being accused of shoplifting can result in its own legal penalty, which makes legal representation all the more crucial.

    For first-time offenders, it’s a good idea to have the help of a highly experienced attorney. That’s why Mr. Kestenbaum can help. He knows how to ask the right questions and examine every detail of his client’s case. He understands the nuances of a shoplifting charge and how a simple matter like price changing or forgetting an item in your cart without paying for it can result in a felony. You’ll want the benefit of his track record and his passion to avoid this kind of sentence.

    Gun Crimes

    Because any firearm counts as a lethal weapon, the law is clear about the use of lethal force when it comes to self-defense. The following criteria has to be met in order for defense by firearm to be justified:

    • The gun owner believed that their life was in imminent danger
    • They could no longer retreat to somewhere safe
    • They were legally permitted to be in the location of the assault
    • They believed an unarmed attacker was about to inflict great bodily harm

    If you’ve been accused of the illegal use of a firearm, you deserve a friend in court. Mr. Kestenbaum has been defending the accused for several years, with an impressive track record of acquittals or dismissals for his clients. Take advantage of his many connections with the police and local prosecutors, which allows him to form a solid defense against weak criminal investigations.

    Get the Legal Counsel You Need Today

    Anyone who has been accused of a crime—such as a theft or weapons charge—deserves the best legal aid they can get. Fortunately, the office of David S. Kestenbaum is here to help. Let us look over your case and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Contact our office online or give us a call at 818-616-4312.

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