Defense attorneys in the Freddie Gray case are calling for sanctions against prosecutors after fresh evidence was released that provides significant details and supports eyewitness testimony over the death of the Baltimore resident.

Gray was arrested and was found injured on April 12, passing a week later.

Attorneys representing the six Baltimore Police officers who have been charged in Gray’s arrest and death reiterated their request that the court sanction the prosecution, which would ultimately force them to divulge additional evidence and disclose any evidence previously withheld during the trial process.

The defense attorneys for the Baltimore officers initially filed a request for sanctions in July 2015.

According to the defense, the officers implicated in the Gray case cannot trust the State’s claim that it has disclosed the full range of evidence to which the officers, as defendants, are entitled. The new evidence recently presented by the prosecution details eyewitness statements that supported early findings that Gray was displaying aggressive and dangerous behavior before sustaining the fatal spinal injury.

While it is common for the prosecution to routinely file additional evidence as it becomes available in criminal cases, defense attorneys have argued that prosecutors in the Gray case have improperly sat on evidence that could be pivotal to the legal process.

Criminal Defense

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