September 8, 2017 | Domestic Violence

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A 39-year-old Van Nuys man was arrested on Monday, Aug. 28 on suspicion of having stabbed his 31-year-old wife to death in front of his 12-year-old son. The man is alleged to have fatally wounded the woman that previous Sunday. He is believed to have fled the couple’s home at 4900 Woodman Avenue after someone in the home called 911 to report that she had been assaulted with a deadly weapon.

When officers with the Los Angeles Police Department arrived at the scene of the incident, they found the woman incapacitated. She had apparently been stabbed multiple times. Although she was able to be stabilized enough to be transported to the hospital, she succumbed to her injuries soon after arriving there.

What motivated the man to stab his wife is not yet known. It’s unclear if police have been called to address prior domestic disputes at the home. Police have said that the couple’s son witnessed the whole incident though. The knife that is believed to have been use to commit the assault was recovered at the home. It doesn’t appear that the child was physically harmed in the incident.

As for the defendant, he reportedly fled the home in his gray Ford truck immediately to the police officers’ arrival there. He remained on the loose until the following day.

That Monday, a sergeant with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department had responded to a call reporting a pedestrian obstructing a roadway. It’s after he was transported to the hospital that the officer identified him as being the same individual that had been suspected of killing his wife.

Domestic violence by itself is a serious crime. Defendants convicted of the crime may be sentenced to probation to as much as several years in jail. If their crime is accompanied by aggravated circumstances, such as it happens in front of a child, it’s possible that the defendant will be charged with a more serious felony offense. In those cases, it’s likely that the individual will be punished in the most severe way.

If you’ve been charged with a violent criminal offense, then you may benefit from discussing potential defense strategies that can be pursued with a Van Nuys domestic violence attorney.

Source: Canyon News, “Aurielo Teran arrested for stabbing wife to death,” Casey, Aug. 28, 2017

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