August 21, 2019 | Drug Crimes

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In mid-August, authorities arrested a man for allegedly selling narcotics in Ventura County. The 48-year-old defendant is a resident of Littlerock in Los Angeles County.

According to media outlets, in July, officials at the Ventura County jail discovered that a drug trafficking network was bringing heroin into the county to distribute to residents. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office narcotics unit was notified, and deputies were able to identify the defendant as a suspect in the case. He was taken into custody without incident on Aug. 14.

Following the defendant’s apprehension, deputies obtained warrants to search two Littlerock properties that were connected to him. During the subsequent searches, deputies allegedly uncovered 3.4 pounds of heroin, just over a half ounce of cocaine, various pieces of paraphernalia used for drug sales and suspected cash proceeds. The defendant has been charged with suspicion of felony conspiracy, possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance for sale. He was taken to the Ventura County Jail for processing, and his bail was set at $300,000.

Individuals charged with drug crimes might assume there is little they can do to fight the allegations. However, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty and have the right to mount a defense with the help of a criminal defense attorney. After reviewing the details of the case, an attorney may explain all legal options available and recommend a defense strategy. If the evidence in the case is weak, it might be advisable to fight the charges in court and push to get the charges dismissed or win an acquittal at trial. If the evidence is solid, legal counsel may advise negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors. This strategy might lead to reduced charges and a lighter sentence.

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